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Founder and Owner: Jeff Campbell

Mission Statement:
“West Shore Hoops Association is a young women's AAU Basketball Club. We are dedicated to helping young women improve their skills, game preparation and team building abilities. WSHA not only wants the young women who participate in our club to get the whole experience of what it takes to be part of a team, but to also understand that sports are about having fun!”

A. Provide a program that focuses on basketball skill development, team play, basketball education, self discipline, and a positive motivational avenue for players.
B. Provide coaching of the highest quality available; and at times, perform critiques on coaches to insure that they meet or exceed the Clubs expectations.
C. Provide a positive, competitive environment while also providing guaranteed playing time to all players who adhere to club policy to ensure that each player’s sense of team worth and self discipline is promoted and sustained.
D. Attempt to provide affordable memberships to all youth who are willing to make the commitment to our Club.

Coach Selection:  
A. Candidates may be male or female. They should be at least 18 years of age. The candidates should have basic knowledge of the game and possess good administrative and management skills, and follow the rules set forth by WSHA.
B. Coaches are approved for the current season only and must be approved each year.
C. Club owner has the right to terminate and replace coaches who exhibit inappropriate behaviors as determined by the owner and team parents. The coach has the right to appeal the decision and a selection of parents and coaches will be selected to hear the matter and render a decision.
D. Prospective coaches will be asked to complete clearance forms for the PA State Police background check before coaching.

Parent Code of Ethics:
A. Conduct yourself responsibly.
B. Accept willingly and graciously the decisions of the officials.
C. Make sure your child arrives to practice and games at the appropriate times.
D. Make sure your child is picked up immediately after all practices and games.
E. Educate yourself on the rules and regulations of AAU basketball.
F. In the event of questions or concerns, please contact your coach first and club owner as the next step.

Player Code of Ethics:
A. Play the game for the love of the game.
B. Be a team player.
C. Be gracious in losing and winning.
D. Obey the rules.
E. Accept willingly and graciously the decisions of the officials.
F. Any player removed from the game for fighting will be disciplined up to the possibility of being suspended for the next game, suspended for the tournament or the player may be removed from the club all together. 
G. Chronic discipline problems will be brought before a board formed of all the coaches for consideration of suspension for the season.
H. Be prompt for all practices and games.
I. Educate yourself on the rules and regulations of AAU basketball

A. Club owner will decide any issues not covered by the verbiage in this handbook.
B. Coaches from each team must attend a coach’s meeting at beginning of the season.
C. Owner reserves the right to amend any of the conditions set out in this handbook at any time.
D. Though every player is guaranteed playing time in a game, this does not mean equal playing time. Issues such as missed practices, poor attitude, not following a coach’s instructions, etc. affect this latter coaching decision.

West Shore Hoops Association will always strive to teach our players how to be better individually, as teammates and as friends to all the players in our organization and others. Developing player’s fundamentals and skills will be the primary focus for all coaches. If a player does not have the basic skills their development will stop no matter their size or athleticism.

As a club, we will expect all the players to be respectful, work hard and support their fellow teammates. At the same time, we understand that practice while needing to be challenging also need to be fun and enjoyable. Players should feel safe, comfortable and supported by coaches and staff at all times.

We will also strive to support parents and family members. If at any time a parent, guardian or family member has any questions or concerns please first contact your coach and if the issue is not resolved or you don’t feel comfortable speaking with the coach please contact the club owner. WSHA wants our players to feel as if they are in a challenging, supportive and fun learning environment. Coaches, parents and staff have the right at anytime to determine if a player is physically unfit to play. Goal one when it comes to health of our players is to error on the side of caution.

West Shore Hoops Association (WSHA)
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